The different styles of Vans

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This blog briefly describes some sneaker styles from Vans, which are also available at Burned Sports. Skate sneakers are mentioned, but also casual sneakers and clothing. Because what is the difference between all those Vans sneakers? Read on to find out!

The different styles of Vans

Vans , who doesn't know it? Very popular for years and for good reason. They are extremely versatile with the range they have, because there is something for everyone!

Vans was founded on March 16, 1996 in California. Vans is an American manufacturer of footwear, BMX, snowboarding and skateboarding shoes and other clothing. Together with some partners, the first store was opened in Southern California, where they started offering 3 different styles. This went so well that founder of Doren quickly had additional styles made in the factory to make even more sneaker enthusiasts happy with a nice pair...

And this was just the beginning, Vans grew all too quickly and a new location was opened almost every week!

The special switch to skate

In 1998, Vans decided to focus on the skate world as it was very popular in California. The company decided to open an indoor skateboard park in Orange. This was also well received. After this, Vans decided to sponsor a number of sporting events, including mainly skateboarding, but also snowboarding , motocross and surfing. And so the connection between Vans and Skate was born.

Below I list a number of styles of Vans skate shoes, which you can of course also find in our Burned webshop!

Vans Old Skool

Back to the Old Skool, 1978 to be precise. This Vans Old Skool sneaker is an All Time Fave. The Vans original vulcanized waffle sole

completes this sneaker and gives the sneaker its flexibility and grip. Ideal for the skateboard! You can recognize this Old-Skool sneaker by its 'Jazz Stripe', which is the wavy stripe on the side of the sneaker.

Vans Old Skool Platform

The Vans Old Skool Platform combines the classic Vans Side Stripe skate shoe with sturdy canvas and suede uppers. What is also very striking about this sneaker is that this shoe has a thick sole, which literally and figuratively makes you stand out above everyone else! The sneaker has a padded collar for support and flexibility. And these sneakers also don't lack the characteristic rubber waffle sole!

Vans Old Skool Pro

The Vans Old Skool Pro is a Vans classic with a modern twist for better performance. Equipped with a sturdy canvas and suede upper. The PopCush insole provides excellent cushioning and impact protection, and the original Vanswaffle rubber outsole provides grip and support. This Pro sneaker also has a Pro Vulc Lite construction for optimal board feeling and exceptional flexibility and grip.

In short: you skate with passion and feeling on the roads!

In addition to the skate collection, Vans also focuses on casual sneakers and clothing.

Below we list the Vans casual items from our Burned range.

Vans Slip-on Pro

This Vans Slip On Pro sneaker from Vans has an UltraCush HD™ insole. This slip-on shoe therefore has our best impact absorption. The reinforced DURACAP™ top layer makes wear-sensitive parts extra durable. The Pro Vulc Lite construction ensures the best flexibility and grip.

Casual clothing

Vans wants there to be a fun and wide range for everyone. For this reason they have also chosen to market Casual items. Almost all Vans clothing is unisex, so nothing is too crazy! View our Vans Casual items: Vans Off The Wall hoodie , Vans Pull Patch Back Longsleeve and a trendy skirt for women: Vans In The Know Skirt.


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