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Basketball. Perhaps the sport closest to "normal" lifestyle. It is not without reason that it is popular with the youth as well as men and women. Burned Sports was originally founded by and for basketball players. We are committed to the sport and everything around it. And "everything around that" is important, because basketball is almost a lifestyle by itself. With us you will therefore not only find a huge selection of basketball shoes and clothing. In our stores and webshop you can also find specialized products, accessories and lifestyle items. We are aware of the latest developments in basketball and are therefore happy to help you.

Everything available for basketball

For the same reason, our range is so extensive. We want to provide you with the big brands, such as Nike and Puma. But we also see it as our job to introduce you to new or somewhat unknown players. For example, Under Armor is still a freshman in basketball, but they now have very high quality shoes. And a brand like McDavid is also essential for the basketball player. With their braces, sleeves and compression shorts, the largest player in the field of injury prevention and sports optimization. These items can of course also be used in other sports, such as volleyball and handball. Other indispensable items for anyone who likes to play basketball are of course a good basketball and a basket. Guess what? We have those too.

Basketball clothing and shoes

The choice in basketball clothing seems endless. The collections at Burned Sports are largely unisex, so almost all are suitable for men and women. Think of complete basketball uniforms, but also cool jerseys and shorts. We also have a separate line for children, in which the Spalding brand plays a leading role. Perhaps our range of basketball shoes is the most extensive. The shoes you choose partly determine how you perform on court. Your position in the field can also have an influence on your choice of basketball shoes. With the different brands and models at Burned Sports, everyone can succeed. Even if you want to wear any of the cool jersey or sneaker casual.

Top players

Basketball as a sport has stolen our hearts, but of course that would not have happened without those great players. That is why Burned Sports pays tribute to the heroes on the field. Whether it concerns icons from the past or contemporary legends. From Kobe Bryant to Kyrie Irving. And where Michael Jordan has developed his own brand in collaboration with Nike, Stephen Curry steals the show on his signature shoes the Under Armor Basketball Shoes. These top players inspire Burned Sports to give you the opportunity to find everything in the field of basketball in one go. With great pleasure and enthusiasm for the sport, we are ready to help you!

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