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Basketball clothing for children

Children's basketball clothing influences how kids look on the court. Basketball is a popular sport for both boys and girls. Although the majority of teams are boys, the number of girls playing basketball has increased significantly. Younger children will often play in mixed teams. For them, the focus is mainly on fun, feeling for the ball and learning from each other. When children get a bit older (± from ten years), they also play matches and participate in the competition.

Kids sizes basketball clothing

Basketball clothing for children is not much different from an adult basketball outfit. The clothes are always suitable for both boys and girls. After all, a kit consists of a jersey and shorts. You can already see those little ones in front of you: running in a shirt that is way too long, the head fits through the sleeve holes. That is of course not very convenient! That is why it is important that a child wears the right size basketball clothing so that the very youngest can perform on the court. Just as tough as their great idols! Sizing is therefore an important part of good children's basketball clothing. If he or she has to pull up the shorts all the time, it will not benefit the enjoyment of sports. The same goes for a jersey that slips off the shoulders: clumsy and unnecessary! Just like for regular clothes, the regular children's sizes are used for sports outfits. So if you know your child's size, it's not that complicated. Burned Sports has basketball clothing for children from size 116 to size 164. Then they are large enough to switch to adult sizes for men or women.

Jersey and shorts

You can pass your kiddo in both the webshop and the Burned Sports stores. The children's collection of basketball clothing is from the Spalding brand. Spalding has been known as the basketball brand for many years. For example, the official match balls in the NBA are made by this sports brand. The jerseys and shorts for children at Burned Sports are therefore of the best quality. The material used is called mesh. This fabric is nice and airy and light. Easy to wear and ideal for sports! In addition, there is a choice of different colors. An all-red or yellow basketball kit? No problem. But your child can also make combinations: blue pants with black jersey; why not? In the webshop you immediately see how many items are available. So there is nothing in the way of purchasing a great children's basketball outfit, basketball accessories or nice children's basketball shoes.

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    Kids Basketball Clothes

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