NBA Finals 2020

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Everything about the current state of the NBA Finals and the backstories of both the Los Angeles Lakers and their path to the finals and that of the Miami Heat.

The first game of the NBA Finals has been played, players are surprised and tired after the long road they have already traveled to put themselves in the NBA Finals. But which team will be able to hold on until the end of the day?


Los Angeles Lakers

It's no real surprise that the Lakers qualified for the Finals, finishing the season with a record of 52 wins and only 19 losses, finishing as #1 in the Western Conference.


In addition, this was also the first year that Lebron James was 100% fit again and with the addition of Anthony Davis in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart with the New Orleans Pelicans, expectations were already very high for the Lakers this year and I think we can say with confidence that they have certainly achieved those expectations so far.




Nike Basketball has not been sitting idle in the NBA Bubble , they saw how well Lebron and his Lakers were doing and during this period they came up with new Lebron basketball shoes, namely the Lebron 18's. You will most likely see The King wearing these shoes in the final matches.



Miami Heat

The team that no one expected would make it this far this year, the Jimmy Butler-led Miami Heat already surprised everyone by beating the Milwaukee Bucks 4-1 in the 2nd round, but they are not done yet! The next round they managed to win 4-2 against the Boston Celtics and if it were up to Miami, the Lakers would be next.



Jimmy Butler said after the first Finals game, which ended in a loss to Miami, that the team would have to play "as close to perfect" to even have a chance against Lebron and Davis and finished his sentence with "what we showed today, definitely wasn't that''.


Tyler Herro, a much-discussed rookie this year and also someone not many expected him to do the things he has accomplished. Tyler was chosen in the 2019 NBA draft as the 13th pick by the Miami Heat, many people wondered at the time who he was and why Miami chose Herro but he has proven all those with doubts wrong and showed that he can the NBA hears. Tyler already managed to sign a rookie deal with Nike basketball for several years during the regular season, with this deal he would also have access to all Nike basketball shoes. 


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