3 X 3 basketball players put in a special performance

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The Netherlands officially goes to the Olympics with the 3 x 3 basketball players after beating France with a score of 21-13. Are you curious about this article? Read more here!

3 X 3 basketball players put on a special performance

The 3 X 3 basketball players did it. they have officially earned a ticket to the Olympics. That is quite an achievement because this is the first time that the Dutch basketball team will play at the Olympics.

There are many different teams that participate in the qualifying tournament to get a ticket to the Olympic Games. Yet the tournament was anything but easy, as the men barely managed to survive the group stage...

As a little boy you dream of one day participating in the Olympic Games. Jesse Voorn, Arvin Slagter, Julian Jaring and Dimeo van der Horst started this tournament that they never dared to dream of. It was anything but easy as it was already made difficult for the Netherlands in the group stage. For example, the Netherlands lost the first match against Latvia 21-17 and they also lost the second match against Canada 17-15. After the Netherlands' bad start, things quickly improved and they managed to win against Austria and Croatia, giving them enough points to advance to the quarter-finals. They managed to beat the United States in the quarter-finals 21-16 and so the Netherlands could face the favorite of the tournament. France is known as one of the better teams, but the Netherlands managed to win by no less than 21-13, which earned them the ticket to go to the Olympic Games.

After the final whistle, the basketball players were crazy and could hardly believe that they had succeeded. They are officially going to the Olympics. National coach Benjamin said that many good countries are going to the Olympic Games, but that they will do everything they can to get as far as possible in the tournament.


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