Nike Korfball Shoes

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Nike korfball shoes

Nike korfball shoes let you achieve your best performance. With the innovative features and latest technological developments you stand firmly on the korfball field. Sprinting, braking, turning and jumping: it's all part of it. And of course without injuries. The korfball shoes from Nike ensure that.

Cushioning of Nike Korfball shoes

Korfball is a very dynamic sport that physically demands a lot from the body. Especially when you play in a hall, you rely on your knees and ankles. After every jump you land on the hard gym floor. A Nike korfball shoe absorbs the impact and the damping is very important. Nike has its own system for this that is incorporated into every shoe. The foam layer they developed themselves provides resilience and optimal damping. Perfect for korfball. Just like the sport, Nike is also very dynamic. They are the most famous sports brand in the world and achieve great results. Just like you want to do on the field.

Another advantage of Nike is that most basketball shoes are also suitable for korfball players. It is also an indoor sport that is played on the same hardwood floor. Moreover, you make the same kind of moves: explosive sprints and passes. You brake, turn and jump to score. The same movements call for the same kind of shoes. You could therefore interpret Nike korfball shoes as a broad concept. Burned Sports knows from experience that both men and women who play korfball often choose basketball shoes. The sport is more well known and for that reason the choice of shoes and clothing is somewhat larger.

Grip of the Nike korfball shoes

What applies to both sports in any case is that there is a lot of attention for extra grip. The slippery floor in a sports hall demands this. And of course you want your Nike korfball shoes to keep you upright during a training or match. Excellent grip also contributes to the feeling of the ground, which is very important for a sport like korfball. Nike korfball shoes are suitable for women and men. Your choice for a high, mid or low model mainly depends on your playing style and your own preferences. You can also find Nike korfball shoes for children in our collection.

Korfball shoes from Nike at Burned Sports

Burned Sports is happy to give you advice about korfball shoes and which model suits you best. Are you also looking for sportswear and is Nike your favorite brand? Of course, in addition to our extensive range of Nike korfball shoes, we also have sporty clothing and accessories that will bring your performance to a climax.

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    Nike Korfball Shoes

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