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Nike Basketball

everyone knows the swoosh logo, it is indispensable when you think of basketball. the logo can be found from shoes to gloves. Nike basketballs are played on the square near you until official matches. especially on the street Nike basketballs are hard to imagine. the fine rubber that bounces well and feels nice in the hand to the sound that the net makes after you swish your 3-point pointer. The logo can be found especially on basketballs that we sell enough at Burned Sports.


Nike comes with many different types of basketballs. both indoor and outdoor, from size 3 to 7, so something for everyone. show your skills with the excellent outdoor basketballs with a lot of grip which helps with your trade, passes and your jump shot or show your skills indoors during the matches with thousands of fans cheering you

Different than other basketballs

The Nike basketballs are mainly made for playing on the street and stone fields. This is also why the balls are made of mostly rubber. this ensures that the balls bounce well so that you can dribble well on different surfaces. The Nike balls are slightly different from the balls of Jordan, Wilson or Spalding. Yet it depends on each player what he or she likes to play better

Nike basketballs at Burned Sports

at Burned Sports you will find all kinds of different models of Nike basketballs. We also have many other brands for indoor and outdoor basketball. Do you want to know more about the feel of the ball, how it fits in the hand, the grip or the durability? We are happy to advise you. With the extensive choice at Burned Sports you will certainly find a ball that suits you perfectly.

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    Nike Basketballs

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