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BC Langstraat Shooters wants to offer young people and adults the opportunity to play basketball at a competitive level, important at a time when we exercise less and often live and eat unhealthily. Figures show that the level of sports participation by youth in Waalwijk is lower than the national average. This is an extra incentive to create the opportunity to practice basketball. The location of the new sports hall, in the middle of a residential area under development and close to schools, offers new opportunities to recruit youth members. Langstraat Shooters wants to pay a lot of attention to training, facilitating and guiding volunteers and management. Langstraat Shooters has a regional function. Through collaboration with associations in the area, we strive for a balanced membership base with the aim of retaining talented players for the region.

Product Range

We notice that members often look for a specialized store that can offer everything in the field of basketball and indoor sports. In our physical store and our webshop we offer everything when it comes to: Basketball shoes , Basketball Clothing and Basketball Accessories .

Our standard collection currently consists of a club uniform, crewneck (sweater), training long sleeves, shooting shirts and t-shirts in different colors on which clubs can choose multiple designs. Some clubs choose to keep the competition clothing or merchandise in-house. The items can be seen in the webshop, but can only be ordered from the club.

We try to make improvements every month and expand our range!

Delivery and conditions

Most team shop items are specially personalized, so delivery time may be longer than 1-5 days. The items chosen are always in consultation with the club. Most items are produced in-house to ensure fast delivery. For more information about designs and range, you can always contact us via email, telephone or social media.

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