Asics volleyball shoes

Asics volleyball shoes

Asics volleyball shoes have been serving the volleyball court for many players for years. Some swear by them, others get to know them again. The brand is closely intertwined with this team sport and together they go way back. No wonder Asics volleyball shoes are so popular. After all, the brand has spent years developing the ultimate volleyball shoe. And new models are still coming out that are developed on the basis of the most modern technologies. Scientists, athletes and coaches are involved in the design process. Everything to provide you with the best Asics volleyball shoes.

Typical of Asics volleyball shoes

And what are good shoes for volleyball? Some properties are important for every player. Think of the grip on the hall floor or the support of joints. There are also features that are specifically tailored to the position where you play. And sometimes there is a difference between women's and men's volleyball shoes. Asics focuses on individual parts when developing a new shoe. Advice from top athletes and coaches is taken into account and on the basis of research, the composition of a new volleyball shoe is created. The Japanese brand has been using this method since the 1960s and has therefore been marketing unique volleyball shoes for more than sixty years. An authority in the sports world.

Most important features

The volleyball shoes from Asics are best viewed per component. This is the easiest way to find out which shoe suits you best. Literally and figuratively. For volleyball players it is extremely important that they get enough support. The ball goes in all directions at lightning speed and you anticipate that with movements. The fit is therefore made to keep the foot in place, but to move flexibly where necessary. The cushioning in the shoe also plays a role in this. This absorbs the impact when you land after a jump. Asics volleyball shoes are known for the Gel technology, which forms the cushioning. The outside of the shoe is characterized by the sole. This provides multi-grip: very important on a hard, smooth hall floor on which you make many sideways movements. The tip of the shoe is also made specifically for volleyball players. The rubber outsoles have toe bumpers. These protect your toes (for example during a service) and make the shoe durable.

Volleyball shoes at Burned Sports

Asics volleyball shoes can of course not be missed in the Burned Sports range. The brand has even been the official supplier of the Federation International Volleyball since 2016! With the different models, there is certainly one that suits you. You can also contact us for protection material and other accessories. Or complete your volleyball outfit and take a look at the extensive collection of sportswear.


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