The Ultimate Peak: Andrew Wiggins' Revolutionary Basketball Shoe

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The Ultimate Peak: Andrew Wiggins' Revolutionary Basketball Shoe

An Instrument of Performance: The AW2 Shoe

The AW2 shoe promises to be a revolution in sports equipment. With its low upper, the shoe offers total freedom of movement without sacrificing stability. The TPU inserts on the outer forefoot and heel provide rock-solid stability, while the synthetic upper and the two anti-slip pads in the heel ensure that your feet are perfectly secured in the shoe. The outsole features herringbone traction in the midfoot and multi-directional traction in the forefoot and heel, helping you make every move with confidence.

Innovative Structure for Optimal Performance

The AW2 introduces a new system called "Three Core". This groundbreaking concept consists of a unique midsole composed of three overlapping technologies: "P-Ultralight" cushioning on the top, "Taichi" cushioning on the bottom, and a "Foothold+" carbon plate between the two foams. This system is designed to absorb all the impact during jumps and accelerations and give you a feeling of instant propulsion, similar to a slingshot. The energy transfer between these three layers guarantees two things: the unparalleled explosiveness you will continuously demonstrate and reduced muscle fatigue in your feet and legs.

P-Ultralight Cushioning

P-Ultralight cushioning at the top of the midsole is designed for maximum shock absorption. This light and responsive foam ensures that you experience optimal comfort with every step. It not only helps to minimize the impact on your joints, but also improves overall performance by reducing fatigue.

Taichi Damping

The Taichi cushioning is located at the bottom of the midsole. This technology is specifically designed to provide a stable and resilient base, which is essential for fast movements and sudden changes of direction. The Taichi cushioning works together with the P-Ultralight cushioning to provide a balanced and comfortable experience.

Foothold+ Carbon Plate

The Foothold+ carbon plate is located between the two damping layers. This plate is designed to efficiently transfer the energy of your movements, resulting in improved propulsion and speed. The carbon plate ensures that your feet stay firmly in the shoe, so you maintain control over every movement.

Personal Accents by Andrew Wiggins

The AW2 draws inspiration from Andrew Wiggins' history to further personalize the shoe. In addition to his logo on the TPU heel insert, the shoe features personal elements associated with Mapple Jordan, such as Wiggins' signature on the lace loop and his number 22 on the top of the tongue and the strap on the back of the shoe. Wiggins also wanted to pay tribute to his family and his successful career with other elements on the outsole. These details make the AW2 not only a performance shoe, but also a tribute to the player himself.

Why Choose the AW2?

The AW2 offers an unparalleled combination of technology and personal touches, making it an excellent choice for professional athletes and enthusiasts alike. Here are some reasons why the AW2 is the best choice:

Unparalleled Stability and Comfort

Thanks to the TPU inserts and the innovative midsole structure, the AW2 offers unparalleled stability and comfort. Whether you're on the field or training in the gym, you can trust that your feet are well supported.

Improved Performance and Reduced Fatigue

The combination of P-Ultralight and Taichi cushioning ensures that the impact of every step and jump is absorbed, reducing muscle fatigue in your feet and legs. This means that you can perform at your highest level for longer without experiencing fatigue.

Stylish and Personal Designs

With personal touches from Andrew Wiggins, the AW2 is not only functional, but also stylish. These details give the shoe a unique look that will impress both on and off the field.

Conclusion: The Future of Sports Shoes

The AW2 is more than just a shoe; it is an instrument of performance. With its advanced technologies, personal touches and unbeatable comfort and stability, the AW2 promises to set the standard for athletic footwear. Whether you're a professional athlete looking to maximize your performance or a sports enthusiast looking for the best, the AW2 is the perfect choice.

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