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Authentic . Premium . Legendary . Those are the words that your Mitchell & Ness stands for. And how! This sports brand is legendary in all areas. Known for their retro collections for the biggest sports leagues in the world. Consider the National Basketball Association ( NBA ), National Football League ( NFL ) and Major League Baseball ( MLB ). It is not without reason that Mitchell & Ness is so famous for its vintage clothing style. The brand has been around for more than a century. Authentic and legendary, that's for sure.


At the beginning of the last century, in 1904, two sportsmen joined forces. In Philadelphia, Frank Mitchell (tennis player and wrestling champion) and Charles Ness (golfer) start Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods. Initially they produce artisanal tennis rackets and handmade golf clubs. This keeps them close to their own core. It will take a while before they start focusing on sportswear. When local baseball and football teams sign up for uniforms, the men are convinced.

The leap to larger work took place at the end of the 1930s. Then the first Mitchell & Ness label appears on an official MLB uniform. Now they remain close to themselves, because the teams from Philadelphia are the first to be provided with custom-made sportswear. The collaboration with the Philadelphia Eagles will even last thirty years. Their work extends to high school and college teams. A large market in the United States, which means growth for Mitchell & Ness.

Mitchell & Ness has not been spared the fact that a foray into a new market can cost you your life. Almost then. In the 1970s, the brand took a new path. Shops with hockey products and ski equipment. Although it goes well at first, it does not turn out to be a great success. And that is putting it mildly, because the brand is on the verge of bankruptcy. The owner at that time, Capolino, fired a hundred employees and closed several points of sale. There remains one shop, where he works with his wife. He has been employed by Mitchell & Ness since he was thirteen, so in addition to bankruptcy, it would be a personal tragedy for the upgraded owner Capolino.

At a low point there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This also applies to Mitchell & Ness. In the form of a special request from a customer, that is. In 1985, someone asked for an old jersey and worn club vest to be repaired. They are special items for the customer, because they were worn during MLB games in 1949 and 1960. You can grant such a request and leave it at that, but Capolino sees an opportunity. A chance to change everything and breathe new life into Mitchell & Ness. Creating authentic baseball apparel that is historically accurate. Every button and zipper, the logo and every seam; everything has to be right.

Repairing the clothes is a success, but it also presents a new challenge. First it is necessary to see exactly what all the old uniforms should look like. Old newspapers, books, programs and images are sifted through. Visiting museums and archives, collecting details and buying collectors' items is all part of the search. What is striking is that the old jerseys are made of wool and flannel. A problem, because: where can you still find this material?

In an old, dusty department store. That's where more than 1000 meters of rollers are found. Old baseball wool flannel, which was already fifty years old at that time! Fortunately for Mitchell & Ness, it has been carefully preserved and the quality is therefore as good as new. Let's get started then. Once the first jerseys are finished and the letters and patches are in place, sales can begin. And that's going well. 'Hot sandwiches over the counter', so good. The second batch goes just as quickly and Mitchell & Ness seems to have been saved from destruction.

Customers from all over the country come to Mitchell & Ness. Major media such as Sports Illustrated and The New York Times write praising articles about the brand. Wearing sportswear seems like a fashion trend, but it will grow into a timeless clothing style that is still booming today. In 1988, Mitchell & Ness created the first Authentic Collection for the MLB and the NBA , NFL and NHL followed in the 1990s .

Booming Basketball Business

The fence is off the dam. The vintage jerseys of NBA teams are increasingly featured in video clips and worn by the biggest stars. The popularity of Mictehll & Ness is unprecedented, especially in hip-hop culture. Rappers like Fabulous, Jay-Z and P. Diddy can be seen everywhere in the ever-growing brand. Outkast also incorporates various Atlanta -related items into their throwback videos.

Funnily enough, the trend follows in the sports world. Former basketball player Kenyon Martin is a self-proclaimed fan and former NBA star Allen Iverson (including Philadelphia 76ers ) shines on the cover of a sports magazine in Mitchell & Ness in 1999. The Hardwood Classics collection is a legendary clothing line with vintage basketball items. Think of jerseys with the name of former top basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon ( Houston Rockets ) on the back or the slam dunk legend Julius Erving ( Philadelphia 76ers ) on your back.

The collection is expanding

Mitchell & Ness will never experience the same low point as in the 1980s. When the retro jersey trend starts to lose popularity, the brand broadens its horizons. At the beginning of the '00s, the  collection needs to be expanded. The recognizable vintage style remains natural and jackets and caps are designed in collaboration with the sports leagues. It is a logical step for the brand that started the throwback trend .

And it doesn't stop at jerseys , jackets and caps. Mitchell & Ness knows what the public wants and provides an accessible and affordable collection that honors its history. Honoring sporting legends and keeping history alive is what the brand feels responsible for. This is possible with the current clothing line in the form of, for example, hoodies , shirts, pants and shorts.

Trends change, tastes differ and Mitchell & Ness also notices this. While in previous years team shirts were often chosen, now it is mainly the player who comes first. You don't have to be a Golden State Warriors fan to want to wear a Curry jersey . And whether you prefer LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers , Miami Heat  or see the Los Angeles Lakers , a piece of clothing with his name on it is always good.

What is special is that Mitchell & Ness receives full cooperation to make their collections as accurate as possible. No other brand comes closer to the original designs. When Mitchell & Ness announces that it wants to create a Michael Jordan collection, the Basketball Hall of Fame also sends his real rookie jersey . No book or photo album can compete with an authentic copy. The sports nerds at Mitchell & Ness are ecstatic when they receive the jersey worn by Michael 'Air' Jordan .

However, designing for the sports brand sometimes causes problems. Striving to stay as close to reality as possible is a challenge. For example, if you make a line of shorts for the NBA and discover that there are not enough pockets. Adding pockets to the designs is not allowed. Simply not an option. It must remain authentic. And that is precisely what the public and customers find so beautiful. The shorts will sell anyway, with or without pockets.

The power of nostalgia, reliving old times or celebrating history. That is exactly what makes Mitchell & Ness such a respected and relevant brand. Quality and authenticity always come first. With such a vision, no one can ignore you, because in addition to cool clothing, you also contribute to the history of the sport. You give others the opportunity to make childhood dreams come true. Boys and girls who previously could only dream of a shirt can now purchase one as full-fledged adults.

The current sports uniforms will undoubtedly be suitable for a new collection at Mitchell & Ness in about twenty years. Even the uniforms that you think are hideous. Which you don't understand why the designer chose this. You will also look back on those uniforms with nostalgia in a few years. That's part of sports jerseys : even the ugly ones are part of someone's youth.


And it is clear that that collection will happen one day. Mitchell & Ness still has many great things in store. The brand continues to expand. A store has recently opened in London, a pop-up store in Los Angeles and the shops at sports stadiums are happy to sell the vintage look of Mitchell & Ness.

In addition to the large number of fans and customers, the brand is praised for the thinking behind the retro clothing lines. And what they have added to the sector. For example, Capolino was inducted into the Sporting Goods Hall of Fame in February 2020. His vision and especially the fact that he was the first in so many things means that he cannot be missed here with Mitchell & Ness.

A great honor, but that does not mean that the brand is finished. There are still a lot of great collaborations in the pipeline. The music and basketball worlds are two hands on one stomach; everyone knows that. Now these worlds come together in an NBA Remix clothing collection (limited edition). The greatest hip-hop artists design their jerseys , T-shirts , hoodies and shorts for hometown NBA teams . Think of DJ Khaled ( Miami Heat ), Schoolboy Q ( Los Angeles Lakers ) and E40 ( Golden State Warriors ).

Mitchell & Ness at Burned Sports

Of course you can go to Burned Sports for an extensive collection of Mitchell & Ness. How could it be different? The brand that is so known for authenticity and quality deserves a nice place in the store and webshop. The connection with basketball and the NBA in particular cannot be missed in the Burned Sports range.

Relive old times with the special jerseys from the Hardwood Classics Swingman collection from Mitchell & Ness. At Burned Sports you will find the legends, such as Hakeem Olajuwon for the Houston Rockets and Julius Erving for the Philadelphia 76ers . The star of the moment, top basketball player Stephen Curry , also has his own Swingman design in the form of a jersey for the Golden State Warriors . In addition, various shorts from Hardwood Classics are for sale at Burned Sports. Consider, for example, the yellow splendor of the Los Angeles Lakers (season 1996-1997) and the green shorts of NBA team the Boston Celtics .

In addition to the classics, Burned Sports offers hoodies and pants from the largest basketball clubs . Exactly in line with Mitchell & Ness; authentic and original. Pants from the Atlanta Hawks , a black hoodie from the San Antonio Spurs or the logo of the Toronto Raptors on the front of your hoodie . For the entire range you can visit the webshop or in one of the stores.

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