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    Puma Mayze Classic Wns Black White These Puma Mayze Classics sneakers are very popular among the ladies. This is a trendy sneaker that you can easily match into a cool outfit! The athletic finishes and the low-cut suede upper give...

Puma suede

Puma suede sneakers are the real classics and unprecedentedly popular to this day. The material distinguishes the shoes from other sneakers and gives it that little bit more class. Easy to combine with a casual outfit, a tough look and great comfort. Not surprising that the Puma suede is worn by men, women and children. The sneaker has a rich past and with its timeless look, this Puma shoe can rightly bear the title "classic".

History of Suede Puma sneakers

The Puma suede was first released in the 1960s and has been an integral part of the collection ever since. The originally German brand has been making these shoes for more than sixty years! And almost every decade the sneaker is claimed by a subculture. It's great how a model can remain so popular over the years. Especially since Puma values ​​cultural diversity so much. The Puma Suede was originally a basketball shoe, but is now mainly worn as a cool sneaker. But one with an extremely nice fit and cushioning. The rubber sole offers grip and the perforated upper ensures dry, fresh feet.

The rich history of Puma suede shoes starts in the 1960s, when most sports shoes are still made of leather or canvas. Soon there is the first signature shoe in this sport (Puma Clyde), which resembles the Puma Basket. The former basketball player was a true style icon and wore the sneakers both on and off court. In the 1980s, the Puma suedes found new fans in the breakdance scene. For the B-boys and girls, the anti-slip sole is a godsend for their skills on the asphalt. In the nineties, the sneaker is released in different colors and the Puma suede is widely worn in the skateboard subculture, with Tony Hawk at the forefront. Again a sporty outing that clearly shows how versatile and timeless this shoe is.

Puma suede sneakers at Burned sports

The suede material makes the Puma sneaker unique in its kind. The wearing comfort in combination with the classic looks gives the shoe something extra. At Burned Sports you will find the Puma suede in different editions and versions. There is no doubt that there is also a suitable model for you. Of course we have many more sneakers from Puma. And if you absolutely want a suede shoe, then perhaps Vans sneakers, New Balance sneakers or ARKK sneakers are a nice alternative. We are happy to advise you on the size and fit. Come and visit one of our stores or ask your questions in the Burned Sports webshop.

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