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    Step into the world of timeless style and unparalleled comfort with the Nike Air Max 1. Originally launched in 1987, this iconic sneaker remains a symbol of innovation and urban fashion. The upper of the Nike Air Max 1 is...

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    Nike Nike Air Max 95 Viotech Safari The Nike Air Max 95 gets an update with a subtle, wavy pattern on the leather panels. Color details give the classic a playful look. product details Leather, synthetic and textile uppers provide...

Nike AirMax

Air Max from Nike has certainly earned its classic status. There are few shoes that perform at the top for more than thirty years. At the same time, the sneaker is still innovative and incredibly popular, both among adults and youth. The most popular models of Air Max are still being made, with today's technologies of course. The Air Max from Nike has countless designs and the sneaker has proven that it can still raise the bar of the highest achievable.

Nike Air Max Trainers

Nike Air Max is the first shoe with Nike's Air technology. Who comes up with the idea of incorporating air into a shoe? Initially designed as a running shoe in 1987, a lot of attention is paid to cushioning. And the layer of air in the Air Max ensures that. No wonder they are so comfortable! Much attention is paid to the fit and comfort of the sports shoe. This certainly affects the popularity of the sneaker, but more so it is about the design. Despite the countless models, you immediately recognize an Air Max.

Air Max shoe makes all the difference

The 'air' in the Nikes is of course very recognizable, but the sneaker has something else special. He conquers places of the world that have nothing to do with each other. Different (sub- and street) cultures and music styles, for example. The rise of hip-hop in the 90s and at the same time the growing house and gabber scene seem to bite each other. Nevertheless, the Nike Air Max are loved and popular by both music cultures. Then you have achieved the highest achievable as a sports brand with a special design of shoes. The Air Max 95 and 97 are available to this day, including at Burned Sports.

Nike and Air Max innovation

You could almost call Nike's Air Max a fairytale, but this model is constantly being developed. The passion for science, technology and development adorns the brand. A pursuit of new, revolutionary designs with air technology that continues to break new ground. That's what Nike does. Without this attitude, there would never have been a Nike Air Jordan in addition to the Air Max. Can you imagine?

Nike Air Max at Burned Sports

Fortunately, Nike is and remains an innovative brand. That is why at Burned Sports you can indulge yourself with endless different designs of the Nike Air Max. A sneaker that is comfortable and stylish; for men, women and children. It's up to you which color you want and whether you revive old times or whether you go for renewal and innovation. At Burned Sports you will find the Air Max you are looking for.

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    Nike Air Max

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