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Asics korfball shoes

Asics korfball shoes come in different shapes and sizes. Popular with both men and women, the Japanese brand develops innovative sports shoes for everyone. Asics korfball shoes are known for their signature gel cushioning in the forefoot and sole. Every korfball player will confirm that this is an essential part of every korfball shoe.

Asics korfball shoes: quality comes first

Asics shows with their high-quality korfball shoes that they take the sports world seriously. Scientists, athletes and coaches are involved in the development of products. A leading brand that may well offer the perfect korfball shoes for you. As mentioned, the cushioning and bounce in the shoes is unprecedented. Every shock is absorbed, so you can move freely on the field. Without worrying about an ankle injury, for example.

Features korfball shoes Asics

The focus of Asics korfball shoes is on the performance of the korfball player. A shoe is, so to speak, 'dissected' and Asics develops its own technology for each component. For a korfball shoe, for example, the grip is of great importance. The rubber soles developed by the brand offer particularly good grip and are durable. Ideal for the hall, where you also do not leave any stripes on the floor with Asics korfball shoes. Another feature that stands out is the stability in combination with the damping. These components are approached separately. For example, Asics has managed to retain the flexibility of the korfball shoe, but to offer excellent stability.

Why is the Asics korfball shoe so comfortable?

Of course, comfort is also an important element. You want your korfball shoes to be comfortable! Anyone who has worn Asics sports shoes before already knows: these are almost slippers. The fit is sublime and because of the different models you can choose which one suits you best. The material is moisture-regulating, so your feet stay fresh and dry. Not entirely unimportant in the heat of battle!

Asics korfball shoes at Burned Sports

Burned Sports loves indoor sports, just like Asics. The speed, dynamics and explosiveness impress us every time. We know all too well that shoes play an important role in your performance. That is why the Burned Sports range consists of korfball shoes for women, men and children. We are happy to help you with the fit, the right model or with other questions. Are you looking for a suitable outfit in addition to korfball shoes? Then you can also visit our stores or webshop for cool sportswear, accessories and more.

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