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Asics indoor shoes

Asics indoor shoes are characterized by the super comfortable fit. Once you wear them, you won't want to take them off. It looks like the shoe was made for you. You could call this the trademark of Asics. The Japanese brand has been making good indoor shoes that are performance-oriented for years. Everything to let the indoor athlete perform. And if a shoe is comfortable, it is just that little bit easier. But there's more. Asics indoor shoes are put together. Each part is analyzed and this is how the brand develops unique items.

Asics indoor shoes: unique?

An Asics indoor shoe is designed in collaboration with scientists, top athletes and coaches. In short, everyone who knows something about it is involved in its development. And so the brand comes time and time again with new technologies and even better indoor shoes. Made for men, women and children. You may be familiar with the GEL technology, which Asics has become known for. It offers optimal damping in the room. Important with such a hard surface as the floor in a sports hall. You can jump, sprint and make unexpected movements: the cushioning in the shoe absorbs the impact. This protects your ankles, knees and other joints.

Indoor shoe from Asics

In addition to the cushioning, the sole is very important in a room. A sole with good grip, that is. Again, the unpredictable powerful movements play a role here. Indoor sports such as volleyball, handball, korfball and basketball demand a lot from your body. The pattern on the sole provides an unprecedented grip of the Asics indoor shoes. This way you stay upright, no matter how hard you go on that slippery floor. The leading brand also distinguishes itself in another way. Asics combines flexibility with stability in indoor shoes. These two aspects are developed separately. In this way, the leading brand makes it possible to maintain flexibility in the indoor shoe, but also to offer ultimate stability. Especially in indoor sports, this can be decisive for your performance.

Asics indoor shoes at Burned Sports

Asics indoor shoes are available in different models and sizes at Burned Sports. We are happy to help you purchase a new pair that suits you perfectly. Among other things, determining the right size is essential to get the most out of your game. But with such authority in the sports world, that won't be a problem. If you really want to do everything you can to be the best version of yourself, take a look at our accessories. You may like to wear special sports socks or you need support in the form of a brace or sleeve.

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    Asics Indoor Shoes

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